~~~Hey You..Yes U!!~~~

HeY..ThaNx For ViSiTIng My BloG
It'S noThiNg acTuaLLy
I jUsT need to WriTe tO FeeL beTter
WheN loT haS GoIng On iN LifE, I neEd a Place whEre I can Rest and StaY GroundEd

LoVe Ya..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not knowing my heart

heart..for crying out loud..nobody is there to listen
even though there is people listen
they will never understand

everybody is gone
leaving me quietly
without a footstep
it is cold
outside is cold
my heart is cold

dont ask me
dont ever ask me
as i don know my heart
i have no answer
i seek for answer
i wait for answer

life feels cold
so cold
i felt numb
i just want to stay here quietly
talk to only myself
as the other people voices are the last thing i want to hear


mib said...

what about other people though??
what about other people feeling??
for me...
it better to see other people laughing while we are crying..
and it's better to see other people happy while we were sad...
don't forget that ALLAH always by your side...

SNAK said...

thanx bal for ur thought..
anyway..other people r my least concern now..huhu

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