~~~Hey You..Yes U!!~~~

HeY..ThaNx For ViSiTIng My BloG
It'S noThiNg acTuaLLy
I jUsT need to WriTe tO FeeL beTter
WheN loT haS GoIng On iN LifE, I neEd a Place whEre I can Rest and StaY GroundEd

LoVe Ya..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

NaPe SeLaLu maLas!

Today is my second week at UTM after my intership..but still i don feel the vibe yet..when i'm gonna feel that---not very sure of it.
I'm jus not feeling it.haha..well i guess that..i'm chilling a lot till i forgot the important thing now..i have to get my a** up and stop laying back. i've laid back too much nowadays..
i hope that i could get rid of all this laziness and start doing the rite thing or shall i say start doing the 'necessary' things.
Come on amalina!u can do it..

I'M in The MooD of This