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Friday, May 23, 2014

Aku ingin kembara lagi

Rindu. Sungguh rindu
Bila kita melihat yang indah dari biasa 
Bila kita merasai udara yang segar
Pasti akan rindu untuk menikmatinya lagi. 
Aku ingin kembara lagi. Melihat indahnya ciptaan Allah. Merasai betapa bahagianya keindahan itu. Ya Allah. Tak dapat gambarkan ketenangan melihat kebesaranMu. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rahsia hidup rahsia Allah

Hari ni baca blog seorang wanita yang anaknya tidak sedarkan diri selepas komplikasi ketika melahirkan anak. Baca dari kaca mata ibu terhadap anaknya cukup buat aku tersentuh. Dari anak yg sihat kepada anak yang terlantar dan tidak dapat memberikan respon. Her mother must be dying inside.

It got me thinking though
What will happen to me in the future?
Adakah Allah takdirkan aku sihat dan dapat beranak cucu
Atau Allah takdirkan aku kembali kepadaNya dalam waktu yang terdekat
Atau Allah takdirkan aku sakit dan tidak berupaya 
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar
Tidaklah aku memiliki pengetahuan sedikit pun
Aku sibuk, sungguh sibuk memikirkan masa depan yang aku ingin raih. Membina keluarga. Membina kerjaya. Sehingga aku lupa, ketentuan itu milik Allah. Astaghfirullah
Ya Allah, aku pentingkan diri. Aku tidak mahu sakit, aku tidak mahu menderita, aku tidak mahu rebah.
Ya Allah, aku tidak sedar aku lemah. Aku perlu meminta. Aku sombong 

Allah Allah
Sucikan hatiku
Lapangkan dadaku
Aku takut Ya Allah
Aku takut aku tewas ketika diriMu bentangkanku ketentuanMu
Aku khuatir aku hilang keyakinanku kepadaMu
Ya Allah, ujianMu, kuatkan lah aku. Jangan biarkan kesakitan menanggung ujianMu merobek hatiku sehingga aku hilang pertimbangan
Ya Rabb. Kasihanilah hambaMu yang lemah dan hina ini
Amin ya Rabbal Alamin

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

i am here to change the norm..at least my norm

I work at a new work place now.
my feeling? Totally grateful
I can stay with my mom. yay
I love Kelantan and its people.
I guess, i want to do better as an engineer
Not just for my satisfaction but for others benefit too
I believe that, "do ur work properly" is not enough
I want to break the norm
I know that the path is not easy
I will have doubt, I know myself
but,  I want to have something that will warm the heart and soothe the stress  whenever I think about my job.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Selfish and Ignorant Bunch

Hi, first post in 2013. and it's not going to be the nice one.
i want to rant, i am angry, mad and disappoint at this moment.
maybe it is because i expect something from them.
because in my head, they will help me
but, eventually, whatever i think in my head, is only in my head alone.
people are the hardest creature to deal with
they lie, they mock, they ignore
they just don't care!
they broke ur spirit
but there r also another bunch who always be there for you
but they r not many
i m not sure i am with which bunch.
ignorant n selfish bunch or supportive and helpful bunch.
i hope i am the latter
urgh why am i wasting the energy and feeling over this.
Maybe i'm just frustrated.
yes, i am. BIG time.
i don't want to curse u inside my heart, because all of u r my friends.
but, Sadly, sadddddlyyyyy U guys aren't as reliable as i expected.

Monday, December 3, 2012

What makes us?

I'm staring at the ceiling and figuring about my life.

26 years and a month.

To be honest, it took me 26years to understand this life.

Somehow i was thinking that if it's not because of the pain that i felt, the people who left me, and the failure that i face, maybe i still didn't 'get' this life.

After 26 years, i am proudly say that i am now having most rational state of mind.

The secret?

1> Detachment from what u love the most 2> understand why are we here in this world. (as a WORSHIPPER)

It was not simple at all. But once u get it,  u didn't bother that much when life gives u hell.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm scared

U know,  i have always this kind of thought.  Right now,  the relationship between me and Allah is quite good.  I have relied on Him for everything since I'm not in a serious relationship with anyone at the moment.  I can see the change in me.  It's true when people said that when u're truly in love with someone, u will forget everything around u.  And to be honest,  I've been in that situation. It's not that I've forgotten about Allah.  I do remember Him. But, not as much as i am now.  I guess the only good thing that happened to me from the unsuccessful relationship is I'm getting closer to Allah.  It was the greatest thing to be exact. So,  what I am scared of is the change of heart when I'm with somebody.  That's why i hope the next person that I'm going to meet is the real deal and He will make me loves Allah more and more by day.  I can't trust myself.  I'm not strong enough.  I need support and continuous motivation from a man that is qualified enough to be called husband.  InsyAllah

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Self control

Perhaps controlling myself is the most difficult thing to do. I dont know if other people r feeling the same or not. 

I have planned so many things in my life. But i do so little.. Sigh

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