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HeY..ThaNx For ViSiTIng My BloG
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Monday, April 19, 2010

i'm gemok..so what?

Sometimes, when u're feeling ok with urself, there always other people who keeps saying that u shud change or become like this and that
i'm not good at taking criticism
in fact i hate criticism
i'm facing the weight issues now
most everybody around me talks to me about it like it such a big issue
i dont know whether they care too much or they just like saying those things
i think i'm a little bit chubs. it just that.
it's not like i'm obese or near to that
i know my body..
i know that i shud control my eating
exercise more
i know it all
fyi, i'm not eating that much
it just happen that i have a low metabolism
and i hate exercise
but i will not deteriorate my body and turn it into giant fats which can talk and walk
i still love myself
i know what i shud do
don remind about that over and over
my sisters, and mother, they see the real person of me.
and they love me the way i am
and my besfrens n good frens,
never occured to them to talk about my weight nonchalantly.
i appreciate those people
maybe they arent that honest to me about that, but at least with them i become myself.
but actually, even they said that i'm gemok or wat,
i will just take it very thankfully
coz it comes from the person that i love and appreciate
however, when it comes from the person that i barely know, and not a fan of mine, i feel that i've been bullied and now i know how it feels when people think lowly about u
just butt off
i had enough things in my head already just to think about what u have said
u arent that perfect either
u may be thin but u aint nothing like me
u don know me
and for that
now i'm looking lowly at u

dont talk about other's physical like u've known them forever.respect others. they may be too thin, overweight, full with acnes, short, or maybe handicapped. but they are truly human n there's a heart in everyone of them. Know ur place. if u're closed enough then it's not too difficult for them to accept it. if not, just butt off and get a life.


Syim said...


lina dah mrah..aiyok..

u, if i say anythng wrong, 4give me dear~

SNAK said...

huhu..lek ah..xde kot..
ntah bosan seh orang tegur badan aku da nek..da nek menyampah..

mib said...

elek2 sudey..
lantak la org nk kate ape...
mampuih pi...
yg penting be yourself...
cayok lina.....

SNAK said...

hoho.ya2..btui2..bile nk open table bal?hoho

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