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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

when u want so many but time is rushing

I left my master program hanging by now. And i have to make a quick decision on continuing the prog or just leave it at that. It such a waste if i had to quit coz i really enjoy it. But, now I'm in a totally different situation. I have a permanent job and it does not quite compliment my master program. i don't know. I think i really need to ask myself whether i really want to fight for it or not. It's true that the passion is somehow diminished a little but i still got partial flames that still burning. And to be honest,once the fire is gone,i dont think ill find it back. I really need to have a really deep thinking about this.

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Azwan Aziz said...

baik continue... rugi kalau dah start tp xhabiskan...tp kalau busy keje ssh jugak kan...

SNAK said...

tulaaaa. ni la hidup. kita hanya mampu merancang. plan ms hadapan tu kade2 beza 360 darjah ngan gapo hk kita nok.huhu

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