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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

26 is not young

Hi.tengah tunggu time nk blk.blogging la kjap.well tahun ni sy msk 26 thn. Kind of creep me out.tp what to do. Kata2 penyedap hati spt 26 tu muda lg bla bla bla tu hnyla imaginasi dr sndr je bcoz u know well that ur body and mind is getting older by day.

Getting older is not always a bad thing. Semua atas pilihan msg2 nk hidup mcm mana. It kind of hit me because I'd lived my life with toooooooo many excuses. Too many rules..life should not be like that. Life should be FUN and JOYFUL.life should be SPONTANEOUS. i guess i want to achieve something this year. I want to make my 26 years of living as the most remarkable age in my life.

As I remember,i didn't have any age to be proud of. I live year after year with tooooo many hopes but never with the will to execute.

Guess that I'll change the game this time around.i will Make it more interesting and meaningful. INSYAALLAH

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