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Sunday, January 22, 2012

friends for benefit?

What is your friend for?When do you call out for them?

Is it during ur happy moment or during ur worst time?

Is it for sharing ur best thought or is it when u have nobody to talk to and suddenly u're thinking bout her/him.

If you are a good or i mean a great friend u will say ur friends r indeed for both times. Happy and sad. During rainy and sunny day.

It's funny how i can classify my friends to some types.

Type 1 : 'self centered' -the world just evolves around her/him. It's all about her life,her favourite things,her this,her that and the list goes on without i need to explain any further

Type 2 : 'Not Interested'- Do u know what i mean?when ur friend just randomly ask u questions without even care what the answer is going to be.

Type 3 : 'Sudden' - the kind of friend that only reach out for me just because she/he needs a good comfort and a pillow to lay down for a minute.

Type 4 : 'Random' - a friend who becomes my friend just because he/she used to be my classmate or i met at some events and that's all.

Type 5 : 'Umbrella'- through rain,through storm, he/she will always around and provide me comfort n warmth even though there is nothing wrong with me.

If u are saying "i think i am type 5", please give yourself a pat on the back because ure in the road of becoming a great friend ^^

Well,i don't mind that much when my friends are reaching out for me just for some purposes coz maybe without i realize, i am too doing that.

But, it will be nice if somehow they r making some effort by asking how am i doing,am i healthy @ etc. Coz sometimes i do feel like a 911; only needed when there is a tragedy or emergency.  When there is nothing happened,  who bother to call 911, right? Well, if u get what i mean..

So, for my beloved friends, be a lot more sensible and interested towards ur friend's life than ur own life and drama. This reminder is for myself as well. INSYALLAH

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