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Monday, February 6, 2012

hardly focusing

Sy tak taulah samada sy seorg yg ad masalah ni atau org pn penah mengalami masalah ni. Sy sgt susah nk fokus ketika kerja. I can focus only if the due date is tomorrow. If not,mmg sgt susah nk remind diri sendiri supaya fokus. Is there any focus pill outside?if ad mmg sy la org pertama yg akan g beli. I think about too many things. Whenever i start focusing on 1 thing,the other thing will come into mind. Then I'll get distracted everytime. sy mmg kena push diri sy supaya lebih fokus n bersemangat time keje.  Sbb skrg byk sgt keje pending sbb I'm lagging behind with the thought and not execution. Ya Allah,enlight me!

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