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HeY..ThaNx For ViSiTIng My BloG
It'S noThiNg acTuaLLy
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

U are not alone

Hmm..now is 12 noon and i'm at office..hehe
well..my mood is kind of great this couple of days..
maybe it's because i'm now in an'accepting' state and before i'm in a 'blaming' state.
I still put the blames on me..but rather than be irritated by that, i chose to accept the blames. It's my fault all along. The fault of working things out last minute. and i've learned my lesson.
I just want to share that, i'm not alone.
During the hard times, i always felt that i'm alone..
nobody seems to care but actually they care.
All u have to do is just reach for them.
But before that, make sure the person that u choose is somebody that is reliable coz not everybody gives a damn about u.
I care about people ( i know i'm not so convincing about this)
I care about my friends (but i'm sure bout this)
I love to hear their probs coz sometimes i feel that i'm actually in the same situation. And at that time, it feels that i'm not the only one who experienced that kind of things, that kind of hurts, that kind of emotions.
We are all equal.
Even though we think differently, but we actually tend to get hurt just equally.
So it kind of relieve to know that we're on the same path. same boat.
let's row the boat together!!


mib said...

you are a good girl....
u heard others problem but u keep ur own...
u make other people smile while urself crying...
i appreciate this type of people becouse not every body can do it and this will make u grow and matured...

fArA jeFF said...

sayer sayang sahabat sayer sorang nih..

Allah jua sayang kamu lina..

be wise..

peace (~_^)

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