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Sunday, November 14, 2010

i cant help it

Yep..sy dah blk cuti ry haji since sabtu hari 2 eventhough suppose sy cuti rabu je
sbb tiket ada just 12nov which is jumaat malam
nak tanak tpaksela rembat jugak..
actually keje aku xsetel lg
n td PMC da kol2..tp aku x angkat
reason: because i'm so tired dealing with those people yg hnya tahu keje lepas tangan
stiap kali aku mintak maklumat ade je alasan yg berubah2
aku pon da naik pening..
so..aku malas nk angkat
esok la deal ngan manusia2 yng nk bende setel tp semua malas nk take part tu..
now i'm not in the state untuk bercakap pasal keje

dealing dengan manusia for work matter adalah sangat tidak seronok n i am officially hate it..VERY MUCH

at some point

aku rs hidup aku bergerak dengan sangat lambat

masa memang sgt cepat

tp diri aku..self maturing adalah sangat lambat n i cant cope with time

i still love the littlest thing yg mebi stgh orang yg da mencapai umo aku xsuka which is staying up late watching movie series, reality shows n tengok katon

i love that kind of thing. it makes me happy

but..doing the thing that u love always come with a great price

it's time consuming

i have responsibilities now

as a student (soon) n as a worker

and i can't compromise

i always think that if i didnt do things that i love, i'm not living my life well

it seems to me..at this point that sacrificing the time for things that i love is not the best way.

if i ask people..they will say that '' just allocate the time wisely"

i already know the ans for my prob but it is hard to control myself

very hard

self rebel is not easy to handle

i always promise myself that i will get better 'tomorrow'

'tomorrow' always become the excuse

n as the time passed. 'tomorrow' seems endless

and i get upset with myself

believe or not

i'm setting a high bar for myself

and that's why i end up becoming rebellious...over myself

it's not too late to change i guess

but it's not easy to convince myself though

i must win over myself once again

so that i dont have to go through the pain that i'm experiencing now

i'm in pain..because i'm so upset with myself

it's the pain that not every people used to feel

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