~~~Hey You..Yes U!!~~~

HeY..ThaNx For ViSiTIng My BloG
It'S noThiNg acTuaLLy
I jUsT need to WriTe tO FeeL beTter
WheN loT haS GoIng On iN LifE, I neEd a Place whEre I can Rest and StaY GroundEd

LoVe Ya..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Men are hilarious

What a joke
only that i can say to certain men
i can see them a bit clearer now
they like to hook up a lot
having scandal here and there
they make me feel nauseous..seriously!
oh God

it's quite funny though
Claiming that they miss u..but in fact..they already in a relationship

Oh come on..

i hope that they won't think women as an easy target

men, listen..
Don't lie
Be sincere
Be loyal

CHOOSE only 1 and be true to her

coz..you know, women's heart, no matter how hard they appear on the outside,
they are all fragile in the inside
they are all forgiving,
and you are all VERY good with words
don't take this as an advantage to win the heart over and over
coz heart will finally grew tired and broke

i'm writing this on behalf of my fellow 'girlfriends'
and myself
coz it happened to me once..
(i called it as a 'project' because it's some sort of doing research about relationship =P)
but, instead of feeling disappointed, i found this thing kind of hilarious
in fact very very funny
you thought i will fall for u?
(it's written on ur forehead "i have a gf"...LOL what a joke)

so..Please..Please..and Please
value the relationship that u've already commit to
it doesn't matter if u're men or women,
be honest
if your heart is not for her anymore, just say it, ends it
that's better than knowing the truth u're having an affair
much much better..

if you're viewing this page,
i want to apologize, ( i'm not that sorry though)
i just play along because i want to see how far this game could actually be
and how far u will try
when you say 'i miss u'
i think that's it..i've reached my boiling point and i disregard this kind of relationship that u'd offered
so...GAME OVER!! HAhaHa~


fArA jeFF said...

da game over ke yunk?

cepat la buat written report,bole bg psychologist tuk analysis..hehe ;p

SNAK said...

dah..malas ah..flirting is no fun..
wat report ye..haha..tunggu aku cr case lain plak..nnt wat bulk report teross..hehe

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